Water Desalination Plants

– The applicability water treatment
– Groups of Component Found in Water
– Classification OF Salinity Water
– Classification of desalting processes
– Desalination Technologies and Filtration Processes
– Types of Filtration
– Direct Filtration cross Flow Filtration
– Range of filtration processes Reverse Osmosis – Nanofiltration/Membrane Softening Ultrafiltration
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
– Theory of Osmosis & Reverse Osmosis – RO
– How to Use Reverse Osmosis
– Membrane Types
– Membrane Comparisons
– Membrane Manufacturers
– Pressure Species (Concentration and Osmotic Pressure )
RO Membrane Feed Requirements
– Units of Measurements used for an Analysis
– Reverse Osmosis System Components
Dosing system
– Common RO Chemicals
– Sanitization Agents
– prechlorination – Used with a Filtration System
– Coagulation& Floculation
– De-chlorination
– Acid Addition
– Scale Inhibitor chemicals
– Scale inhibition mechanism
Reverse Osmosis System Pre treatment Components
– Feed pump
– Media Filtration
– Cartridge Filters
Centrifugal pump
– Centrifugal pump system with constant speed motor
– Centrifugal pump system with constant speed motor and soft start
– Centrifugal pump system with frequency controlled motor
– plunger pump system with constant speed motor
Energy recovery device
– SWRO without Energy recovery device
– SWRO with Pelton turbine
– SWRO with Turbo Charger
– SWRO with Isobaric ERDs ( PX)
Types of Pressure Vessel
– Membrane System indicator
– The key terms in RO
– Factors Affecting RO Performance
Post treatment unit components and
Remineralisation Filters Limestone contactors
– Type RO – Fouling
► Scaling fouling
► Colloidal fouling
► Biofouling
► Organic fouling (oil, fat, humic acids, etc).
– Silt Density Index (SDI)
Reverse osmosis operating log example
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