Shutdown and Turnaround Planning

Shutdown and Turnaround Planning  24 hr

Course Objectives

To gain knowledge and skills needed to plan and schedule shutdown items

To be aware of concepts, basics, principles and tools used for measuring the efficiency of both planning and scheduling activities

Course Contents


  • What and Why turnaround
  • Justification for managing turnarounds
  • Turnaround characteristics
  • Model of excellence
  • Turnaround Goals & objectives

2.Turnaround Organization

3.Turnaround Communication

4.Turnaround Phases (General)

5.Turnaround Phases

  • Work Identification
  • Turnaround Planning in detail
  • Turnaround Scheduling in detail
  • Turnaround Risk Management
  • Turnaround Logistics planning and management
  • Pre-turnaround Work planning, organization and execution
  • Turnaround Execution
  • Turning down
  • Execution
  • Turning up and commissioning
  • Post turnaround activities
  • Turnaround Quality Management
  • Turnaround Safety and Risk Management
  • Turnaround Cost Management
  • Course wrap up

Who should attend?

  • Planners, schedulers and engineers in the field of maintenance or operation whose work is related to shutdown activities
  • Managers, leaders and senior engineers whose work is related to organization structing and arrangement