Scaffold competent person & scaffold Inspection combined course

Course specification

Objectives: To give the attendees such knowledge and skills to enable them to supervise the safe erection & dismantling of scaffolding, to inspect independent scaffolds, towers and birdcage scaffolds and to complete the scaffold inspection reports and tagging system,

Target candidates: Scaffold builders, foremen, supervisors and health & safety personnel who want to gain detailed knowledge about the course content

Candidates should have a minimum reading & writing skill that enable them to answer the written examination by the end of the course.

The course will give the attendees an understanding of: –

  • Basic scaffolding awareness
    • Scaffolding terminologies
    • Component description and usage
    • TG20:13 Demonstration
  • Scaffolding specifications
    • Foundation
    • Structure and spacing
    • Working platforms
    • Bracing and tying scaffolds
    • Safe access and egress
    • Rackers and buttress scaffolds
    • Beams and Bridging with scaffolding
    • Towers
    • Loading bays
  • Safety while erecting
    • Site survey
    • Risk assessment
    • Preventing falls in scaffolding
    • Overboard hazards and controls
    • Rescue plan
    • Other scaffolding hazards
    • Harness inspection and usage
    • Fall arrestor usage
  • How to carry out a scaffolding inspection
    • Scaffold inspection report
    • Tagging system
    • Handover of scaffold
    • Knowledge test and assessment