Plumbing system – 28(HR)

Plumbing Course Content

1st Session:

1-Plumbing Introduction.

2- Fixtures Types.

3-Codes and Regulations.

4-Water Supply System.

a-Cold Water System.

-Water Consumption.

-Pipe Sizing.


2nd Session:

1- Water Supply Systems.

a-Cold Water System.

-Pressure Calculation.

-Pipes Types and Specs. (SDR-PN-DN)

-Pressure Zones.

-Pumps Types and Pump Selection.

-Water Tanks Sizing.


3rd Session:

1- Water Supply System.

b- Hot Water Systems.

-Individual Heating Systems.

-Central Heating Systems.

-Hot Water Calculations.

4th Session:

1- Storm Drainage System.

2- Sewage Drainage Systems.

a-Drainage Fixtures & Traps.

b-Types of Sewage Drainage Systems.

-Single Stack.

-One Pipe System.

-Two Pipe System.



5th Session:

1-Drainage System Calculations and Pipes Sizing.

2-Drainage Accessories for Special Drainage Applications.

3-Sump Pit, Sand Trap……Etc. Calculations.


6th Session:

1-Swimming Pools.

a- Design.




a- Design.



7th Session:

1-Quick Revision.

2-Case Study.