Inventor ( level 1 ) – 48 (HRS)

Inventor Level1 2012
-Inventor interface
-Creating 2D sketches
-Constraining and dimensioning sketches
-Generating 3D parts from sketches
-Part modeling, adding and editing 3D features
-Work Features
-Model geometry and model display manipulation
-Resolving feature failures
-Feature duplication techniques
-Establishing and working with model relationships
-Placing and constraining parts in assemblies
-Creating parts and features in assemblies
Creating and annotating drawings and views
Inventor Level 2 2012
-Advanced Modeling.
-Advanced Assembly.
-Applying motion to existing assembly constraints using Drive Constraints.
-Introduction of the Top-Down Design technique.
-Creating Positional Representations of an assembly.
-Using the Design Accelerator.
-Using pattern, mirror, and copy techniques.
-Link system parameters and custom parameters to an external spreadsheet le.
-Stress analysis