Deep Learning

Deep Learning 40 HR

Difference between AI, DL, ML and ANN
Introduction to Neural Networks
Binary Classification
Logistic Regression
Gradient Descent
Deep layer neural network
Forward and Backward Propagation
Parameters vs Hyperparameters
Stochastic & Batch & Mini-Batch Gradient Descent
Regularization and Dropout
Gradient descent with momentum
Adam optimization algorithm
Softmax Regression
Tuning process
Multi Classification with Deep Learning
Deep Learning with TensorFlow And Keras
GPU And Google Colab
Addressing data mismatch
Transfer learning
Introduction to Computer Vision
CNN Architecture
Strided Convolutions
Pooling Layers
Convolutional Neural Networks & Datasets
Object Detection
Intersection Over Union
Non-max Suppression
YOLO Algorithm
One Shot Learning Algorithms
Face Verification and Binary Classification
Docker Container
NLP and Speech recognition
Sequence Model
Backpropagation through time
Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU)
Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)
Word Embeddings
Word2vec & Glove
Sentiment Classification
Debiasing word Embeddings
Beam Search
Attention Model Intuition
Speech recognition
Trigger Word Detection