BMS 30 Hr

  1.  BMS Content 
    1- The meaning of BMS & it’s advantages.
    2- Explaining some applications where the BMS system can be used (Principle of operation).
    3- Explaining some classic control circuits & design of motor control center panels (MCC).
    a) Direct on line circuit (DOL )
    b) Reverse direction circuit (2 direction circuit)
    c) Star – Delta circuit
    d) Tow speed circuit ( Dalender )
    4- Types of BMS Brands.
    5- The goal of the use of BMS system.
    6- Components of control system.
    7- The meaning of I / O Points.
    8- Types of sensors which used in BMS system.
    9- Types of Modules & Auxiliary devices which used in BMS system.
    10- Explaining the application with using BMS system
    a) HVAC system (Chiller – AHU – Cooling Tower – Fan coil unit – Exhaust fan Boilers – Compressors – Dryer – Heat Exchanger -….etc.)
    b) Lighting
    c) Elevators
    d) Fire system
    e) Train gats
    f) Pumps
    11- The Meaning of view builder.
    12- The Meaning of Site builder.
    13- The Meaning of Network System & Standalone.
    14- Built up the Program control according to application which you need control it.
    15- Sequence of startup of BMS Projects.
    16- Match between Motor control system panels & BMS system.
    17- Steps of the receipt of BMS project.
    18- Validation of HVAC system by using BMS system.