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PTZ Cameras , External PIR Detector

Our choice of PTZ dome cameras, are the one of the most reliable high speed dome packages. We have widest range of installation and dome drive options in the industry, from standard Pendant systems (for indoor & outdoor) to Surface Mount and In-Ceiling systems. Our PTZ dome systems feature many software enhancements that increase performance and make programming and operation easy.

A passive infrared detector that simultaneously or individually controls cameras, VCR’s, DVR’s and all low voltage switching requirements.

The Elite offers a high level of adaptability. There are seven different modes of operation giving various permutations of normally open and normally closed arrangements for the two pairs of volt-free relays, plus a selection of timing and functional options for the relay changeover contacts. Other programmable parameters include the duration of timed changeover, a pulse count feature and a choice of detection ranges from 10 to 35 metres.


  • The Heitel Digital Video Recorder is a Hybrid video transmission with long-term recording for mixed operation of up to 10 analogue and IP cameras
  • Specifications based on established CamDisc SVR series
  • Maximum use of IP camera functionality
  • Prepared for integration of current and future IP cameras from a wide range of manufacturers
  • Cost-optimised hardware design for connecting analogue cameras thanks to HYBRID card technology
  • Low network load even when using megapixel cameras thanks to HTcompress®
  • Complete and unlimited compatibility with HeiTel receiver equipment for classical monitoring centre applications
  • Network connections are physically and functionally decoupled from each other for IP cameras and system integration
  • Recording onto integrated removable hard drive with system interface for external memory expansion and increased data integrity using RAID
  • Network-based control of significant IP camera functions including PTZ function via the standard HeiTel system user interface
  • Product design specifically developed for security applications: fast, compact and easy to integrate

IP Cameras

IP is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol, the most common protocol for communication over computer networks and the internet. IP Cameras are also known as network cameras. Dome that creates digitized video streams and transfers via a wired or wireless IP network, enabling monitoring and video recording as far away as the network reaches. In other words, using an IP camera and IP Dome can save a lot of money on installation since most facilities are already wired with LAN cables. Wiring coaxial cables is the major expense when implementing analog cameras. Also, it allows users to have a camera and Dome at one location while view live video at another location over the network / internet.

Advantages of IP Surveillance

  • Remote monitoring/storage
  • Since video data can be transmitted to remote networked devices over Ethernet networks, users can view camera images in any place where IP network connection is available.
  • Cost efficiency
  • Video surveillance systems can leverage existing IP network infrastructure, significantly reducing overall installation costs.
  • High scalability
  • Adding new network cameras or other networked devices in an IP surveillance system are easy by simply connecting them to a router.
  • Superior image quality
  • Network cameras provide high image quality; many of them even offer megapixel resolutions. In addition, IP surveillance has no signal degradation problems during transmission, and thus can ensure steady image quality.

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